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Holidays - Beloved Time of the Year

Holidays have always been one of the most loved times of the year where one gets to spend time with family and friends. Our busy schedules often keep us hanged up and restrained from near and dear ones. Apart from that, work life can also mess up one’s brain by exerting work pressure. Holidays give us a chance to relax, recreate and release all the worries and tensions in the world.

There are tons of ways one can plan and spend their holidays. From going out to visit a popular holiday destination to driving up the hills in a nice weather with friends. For some, holidays can be all about relaxing at the beach under the sun while others would love to go fishing at the same time!

Cruise – The Best Holidaying Experience

One of the most popular and loved way of spending a holiday is to go on a cruise. Cruise holidays are luxurious travel holidays where one gets all the modern amenities on the cruise ship while your journey from one destination to the other. There are tons of locations for cruise travel where thousands of tourists get on board to have a fun cruise experience. Most cruises usually happen over the weekend and packages for the same are offered by the cruise operators.

On an average, a tour vacation can cost one anywhere from $500-5000 depending on what all facilities they opt for. Though, for having the best of cruising experience, we highly recommend going for a cruise package which comes jacked up with everything included.

Here is a list of top locations for Cruise Travel in the world which one shouldn’t miss!


The very idea of going to Antarctica on a cruise is thrilling. It offers plenty of fun and a chance to witness penguins in their natural habitat. Along with that, snow covered cliffs and icebergs are an added attraction. Don’t forget to carry warm clothes and a good rain coat!


Alaska offers the best of cruising experience amidst snow capped mountains and plenty of spots to get clicked!

 • Caribbean

Caribbean cruises often include multiple islands and short trips between them. January and February are ought to be the best months to take this cruise.

• Norway

This cruise offers a chance to sail inside natural wonders! These are the narrow cliffed fjords. You will have a beautiful time on this cruise!

What an everything included package includes?

An everything included cruise package is a package which includes all stuff one can be a part of the cruise within the price of the package. Usually the package will offer you the following –

• Meals

Cruise vacations can last from a couple of days to even a week! Food is the most basic requirement and it will be better to have all the three meals included in your package rather than paying on board each time you dine. Most cruise operators also offer you to go for three buffet meals at nominal prices.

• Parties with Alcohol

Parties are a sure shot happening while on board. They are great to be a part of and also a fun way of socializing. Make sure your package allows you to be a part of the party and also get some complimentary drinks on board.

• Pool

Being in the middle of the sea, you will surely feel an urge to dive deep in to the water especially if you are travelling during the hot seasons. The on board swimming pool is going to be your survivor which will help you to beat the heat. Make sure you have access to pool included in your cruise package.

• Entertainment

Cruise ships are full of entertainment factor. You will come across a DJ and a Dance Floor on nearly all of them. Apart from that, some even features a small multiplex to show entertainment videos. DJ Pool parties are fun on the cruise and shouldn’t be missed. Make sure that your package includes a DJ Night or a DJ Pool Part for sure.

• Contests

Generally contests are run for the people on board to be a part of. Best couple contests are very popular for the honeymoon cruisers. Your package must make you eligible to be a part of the same for a chance to win!

Getting on a cruise is easy! There are plenty of locations to choose from. You can visit seayourhistory to know more about the cruises you can be a part of which will offer you vacation packages that include everything especially alcoholic drinks. 


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