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Cooking Classes in France with Guest in the City

A flavor trip

Nowadays, travelers around the world are looking for new ways to discover and enjoy places in remote locations. They will never be satisfied by having an experience that they could easily find around the corner of their own homes. They want something new, something different. The magic of traveling is all about having new experiences and enjoying them. Every country has its own secrets and its own charm, developed after hundreds or even thousands of years of evolution of their culture. They have created unique products that their inhabitants enjoy daily, perhaps without much amusement, but that will become an unforgettable experience for a traveler who is looking for something new to live.

If you want to visit a new country, you just can't miss trying local food, and thus giving yourself the chance of literally tasting years and years of history, culture and shared moments in kitchens, vineyards and fields. Don't let international food fool you: what you will find in most hotels isn't the real thing, but a staged show to treat tourists by offering them the impression of being surrounded by local culture while tasting something that isn't unfamiliar to their tongue. Real local food is out there, beyond international restaurants, fast food chains and hotel room service. If you want to taste it, you will have to walk off the beaten path and head straight up to the real world, where people live their daily lives and share authentic moments around the table.

Learn French cuisine 

One of the most famous cuisines in the entire world is French cuisine. And there is good reason for that. Few cookeries have managed to reach such excel in quality and recognition as French food. Some say that French cuisine is much more than just a combination of ingredients, just as explained above. It's a way of life, a way of sitting down around the table and sharing moments with family and friends. Eating with French people is a relaxing experience, and they all take their time, with an average meal in a restaurant or a home dinner sometimes lasting over three hours. They have their own way of calmly and merrily enjoying food and company.

Guest in the City

As you can guess, the best teachers that can instruct you on how to make proper French food are French people themselves. Not international cooks or chefs who have studied French recipes, but real and skilled locals who have been born and raised in this culture and have learned its secrets through their daily experiences. For example, if you are staying in Provence, wouldn’t it be nice to cook and eat with French locals during your vacation? Provence is a wonderful place, with nice towns and villages, olive trees, vineyards and blue skies all year round. But there is nothing like meeting the people who live there and to hear from them what their life is all about.

One great way to take a cooking class in Aix en Provence , or as the French would say, a cours de cuisine a Aix , is to contact a French host through the website Guest in the City. This is a great place to start because there you will be able to access listings of French cookery instructors, read reviews on them from prior students and book a stay with them by paying online. On this website you can also pay to share real meals with locals in France and even find accommodation at a local's house, so you can really have a complete and true French experience with local hosts in a local home. 

Check this website today and start making plans for an unforgettable trip to the real France!

Try French Food

If there is one aspect of a country's culture where every aspect of it is reflected and turned into a full sensorial and social experience, that is traditional food. A local dish is never created overnight; thousands of locals, year after year, have produced these recipes as a result of their daily customs, their local resources and their own point of view on life. A recipe goes beyond the ingredients listed for the preparation and the amounts in which they are combined. It reflects local culture in every choice made, the materials used, the time given to it, and the atmosphere created when cooking, be it a nice chat with people you like or a powerful individual experience with yourself.

If you try French food in France, you will definitely want to repeat the experience, because of how nice and charming it can be. You can't - usually - stay at France forever, but you can learn how to make French dishes yourself and enjoy them any time you want. Yet again, learning to make French food is more than just learning the recipe and getting the right ingredients; it's about a philosophy on how to combine flavors and textures and how to share them with people with whom you feel good. And by the way, click here if you want to learn more about French food!

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